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Ми разом і ми переможемо!

The InterAtletika Group of Companies is 18 years!


The InterAtletika Group of Companies celebrated its 18th anniversary on the 15th of June.

If for a human 18 years old means becoming an adult, a citizen with full rights and new  responsibilities, then for InterAtletika it is a sign of maturity, when the company is obliged to keep its own status and leading position in the market of the sports industry of Ukraine.

Representatives of all the companies that are members of the conglomerate and, of course, numerous guests - partners and friends - have traditionally gathered for the celebration. Many years of friendship and cooperation connect us with the majors of Bucha city, the small towns of Gostomel and Kotsiubynsky, the heads of Erste Bank, Sportmaster, Euroindex, Formak, the Association of the Sports Industry of Ukraine and many others working in the field of the nation's health care.

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