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Landscape Spring 2017


These days, it was warm, sunny and beautiful in the National Botanical Garden named after Mykola Grishko. All the visitors of the unique exhibition had a great time observing the works of the best landscape designers of Ukraine, smelling the scent of lilac blossoms in the fresh air. Moreover, they had an opportunity to visit our stand with equipment and try out new products. Hundreds of people, families with children, grandmothers and grandfathers went for a walk to Botanical garden, took a number of photos in blooming magnolias and had joyful family picnics.

During the five days of the exhibition, many parents started thinking about the physical condition of their children, all visitors to our exhibition corner were offered options for equipment and handed souvenirs and promotional products from the InterAtletika. Now houses, yards, summer cottages of Kyiv citizens and guests of the capital will be decorated by our wall bars, play and sports complexes. Thus, their children will become healthier and stronger.

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