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The history of the InterAtletika Conglomerate


1992 - The Special Training Center in the name of the 108th Special Regiment of Special Purpose of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the USSR Ministry of Defense was established in Kiev by a reserve officer command.

1992 - The efforts of the team of like-minded people to fill the Ukrainian market with high-quality sports goods resulted in one of the sports shops in Kiev selling the first exercise machine!

1994 - In One of the first gyms was opened in Kiev. All equipment was supplied by the company. The dealer chain of sports stores and partners densely covers the entire Kiev and surrounding regions.

1996 - In the city of Kiev the company Atletika Sports Goods Center was registered and the first retail store of sporting goods was opened.

1997 - The company's offices in Ukraine received the first containers with cardiovascular equipment for home and gyms from Germany and Taiwan. The range of exercise machines expanded significantly. Active cooperation with foreign manufacturers of sports exercisers and goods has begun.

1998 - The Kiev-Sport company was registered in Kiev. The primary stage of the trading network of sporting goods in Ukraine formation has been completed. Covered all areas and major cities of Ukraine!

1999 - One of the first gyms was opened in Moscow. All equipment is supplied by the company. Gym services for officers of law enforcement agencies and military men are free of charge!

2000 - The Sports Store InterAtletika company was registered in Kiev, the InterAtletika company was finally formed. The manufacturing of exercise machines is about to start. The first drawings and patents are created.

2001 - The first person was employed at the company's own factory in Chernigov (Ukraine). A pilot series of wall bars was made - 17 pieces!

2002 - The first complex of professional exercise machines Inter Atletik Gym - 24 products were designed, patented and manufactured. The first gyms are equipped with company own products!

2003 - The series of professional exercisers is expanded to 68 products, the production of bars, handles, disks is mastered. The number of regular partners of the company reached one hundred!

2004 - The company for the first time participates in the most prestigious international exhibition of sporting goods - FIBO (Germany, Essen), subsequently participation will be annual. Successfully fulfilled the first international contract - the supply of professional equipment to Germany. The line of exercise machines for home use includes 22 products.

2005 - Tetra Gym complex of professional sports equipment , based on a round steel profile, was created. The complex has 33 exercisers and is the best in the world in its class. The production of children's sports and gaming equipment has started. More than 50 items of bright, colourful and functional products for outdoor installation (for playgrounds, yards, kindergartens, schools, parks, etc.) are produced. Sports and training equipment of the InterAtletika trademark is delivered to 17 countries of the world. The first general conference of the InterAtletika Group of Companies. The event was visited by 80 dealers from 25 regions of Ukraine, as well as dealers from Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.

2006 - The company gained German laboratory TUV certification of the quality management system ISO 9001-2000!

2007 - The reorganization of the group of companies into the international concern InterAtletika is completed. The group consisted of 8 large companies. There are around 600 employees of the company.

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