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Following FIBO 2017: Let's speak about trends and sum up


In this article, the InterAtletika, as well as the leading Ukrainian fitness expert, the lecturer of numerous conventions, the developer of new solutions for the organization of fitness business, Marina Toropova will share relevant and valuable information with readers:

  • will introduce the trends that received the highest recognition of the exhibition experts.
  • will tell you how the event went this year.
  • will inform you about TOP-5 fitness trends, which will have a direct impact on the development of fitness in Ukraine.

The article was prepared on the basis of information received in Cologne, includes a review, analytical studies and expert forecast. We are talking about important things in the simplest terms just for you.

The spring FIBO exhibition is an annual reboot of the global fitness field. It is FIBO who sets the vector for the development of the industry, as it determines the advanced trends that sooner or later come to every sports club of the planet.

The owners of clubs, and the visitors themselves are eager to follow these changes. The first are eager to offer their clients the best training programs, advanced equipment to remain interesting to their audience. After all, a modern fitness club client is a demanding, thinking, able to analyze person, is interested in product innovations of fitness. Clients understand that in order to achieve the best results in the shortest time, you should use advanced technologies of the sphere. That is why it is essential to know all the trends.

This article was written for such inquisitive minds. Its goal is to briefly but deeply capture all the details of FIBO 2017, all the new trends presented at the exhibition, to tell about those trends that can be integrated into the Ukrainian fitness environment. About those new products, which very soon you will find in any good fitness club.

Oscar-winning trends of FIBO

Annually, within the framework of the exhibition, FIBO INNOVATION & TREND AWARDS competition is held. The event is as important as Oscar but in the fitness industry. And the awards are just as prestigious and desirable.

The FIBO exhibition reflects the independent opinion, both of entrepreneurs and common fitness fans, since two awards are determined by the participants of the exhibition. A competent jury forms its own list. Thus, FIBO INNOVATION & TREND AWARDS has three nominations: the choice of a professional jury, the choice of entrepreneurs, the choice of amateurs. Thus, this year the fitness Oskar go to..

The jury of the exhibition:

  • I - Funs C from the Transatlantic Fitness GmbH;
  • ІІ - 3D Body Tracking from the Bodygee AG;
  • ІІІ and IV - 4Active from CSE Entertainment Ltd.


  • I - Independent Workout from the Independent Workout company;
  • II - milon Q from Milon Industries GmbH
  • III - XTension Fitness MTX One from XTension Fitness Wellcore GmbH.


  • I - Funs C from Transatlantic Fitness GmbH;
  • II - VA Seven® Prime Bench from VA Seven.
The first place a professional jury, as well as amateurs, unanimously gave to Funs C station.

The structure is nothing but a universal workstation. It has compact dimensions in assembled form, and when it is fully installed (requires 10 minutes), the option of additional equipment allows you to conduct workout simultaneously for 25 users.

In the ranking of entrepreneurs, the Independent Workout program won the championship. The program allows you to offer various courses of preventive training. Its main advantage is the certification, which makes it possible to deal with subsidies, insurance services. The methodology is developed according to the requirements of health organizations.

The second positions in the lists were given to 3D Body Tracking, milon Q and VA Seven® Prime Bench.

3D Body Tracking is an application that not only allows you to monitor activity and diet but also demonstrates how these parameters affect the user's body. Therefore, in 3D mode, you can see how your body transforms. This motivates the execution of the training program, contributes to the early achievement of the results.

Milon Q technology is the first scanner built into the equipment, which determines the efficiency of movement, the condition of muscles, ligaments. This is a new training scheme that has a stylish design, an intuitive user interface and is equipped with a CTS module.

VA Seven® Prime Bench is a bench that provides a wider range of movements for a more effective workout. Due to the folding parts of the backrest, the width of the support is reduced by 60%, thereby not limiting the user in his movements.

Third place was taken by 4Active and XTension Fitness MTX One.

4Active is a platform system that allows the use of innovative technical developments in sports training programs. This is a game and training at the same time.

XTension Fitness MTX One is an all-in-one system, a functional tower that allows you to develop a complex of various qualities: flexibility, functional parameters, stretching.

Trends in FIBO 2017

Analyzing the activities of the exhibition, the equipment series, the selection of programs presented by different countries, and taking into account the list of winners, we can single out the main trends of FIBO 2017. They, by default, are also the main vectors for the development of the fitness industry in general.

Development of rehabilitation as a fitness direction. This year, FIBO equipment for rehabilitation centres occupied a separate niche market.

If earlier the equipment for fitness rehabilitation was offered only as a small series of exercisers by individual manufacturers, this year more and more companies presented only rehabilitation equipment.

The introduction of 3D technologies and innovative developments into training. It's about smart technology, which can replace some functions of a qualified coach.

So, during the exercises, the equipment can track the path of movements, set the pace, load, monitor indicators, conduct an analysis of the effectiveness of your workout. Also, the concepts of equipment capable of producing a competent assessment of the user's physical condition are actively developing.

The smart exercise machines series were presented, which set the parameters, and they regulate the speed of the exercise, the amplitude, select the weight and make settings automatically. This is not just a system which helps you to operate the exercise machine, it's a full-fledged training concept with a very strong training management system, including analysis of a indicators variety, load planning and operating modes. Without exaggeration, this represents the future of fitness.

EMS training. This year, under the development of this direction, the entire hall was occupied. Stimulation of muscles by electric impulse, combined with personal training and functional training, only increases the value and effectiveness of training.

Free weights equipment series were represented by a variety of manufacturers. The approach to the development of equipment was creative enough, we observed a wide variety of handles, grips, pens. It is noticeable that this equipment has been thoroughly worked out, presented both classical solutions and innovative ones that allow diversifying approaches to a number of exercises.

The growing popularity of modular stations for functional training, as well as equipment for a workout in mini groups. HIIT - the format of exercisers in mini-groups on the principle of high-intensity interval training with the use of special equipment is one of the trends these days. Some manufacturers have chosen this direction to develop in. Thus they offer conceptual designs that make the hall for group activities as functional as possible or open a separate studio equipped only for a certain format of training.

Outdoor exercisers. The direction is developing very rapidly. Fitness is becoming more and more popular and goes beyond the walls of fitness clubs. Now you do not need a modern luxurious gym with showers and other facilities. It is enough to have a site with equipped for exercise activities.

Which new trends can Ukrainian fitness adopt?

How do fitness club owners following the trends, not fooling the expectations of their customers? What should a client expect from a club?

According to our forecasts, the following trends can be successfully implemented in the Ukrainian fitness clubs with a warm response from customers.

TOP-5 fitness trends:

  • Free weights. This trend will have a stable, lasting success since strength training will always be the basis of fitness. The improvement of equipment, in particular, free weights, will help the owners to interest the client.
  • New technologies. Gadgets play in important role in a life of every person. The facility to combine your exercise machine and a smartphone, collect statistics, select a virtual trainer and other functionality - these are advanced technologies which will bring success to any fitness club.
  • Fitness rehabilitation. This is the case when demand determines supply, the need for rehabilitation programs makes this direction one of the main trends of fitness nowadays. "Exercise as a medicine" - this philosophy is clear to the Ukrainian consumer of fitness services. That is why the demand for trainers who are aware of rehabilitation programs, restorative physical therapy, as well as the demand for equipment, which makes it possible to train safely for people with injuries are increasing.
  • Outdoor exercisers. Trainer calls for clients via social networks and sets a date for a workout in the fresh air. Of course, this does not exclude the need for clubs, but soon each club will want to offer its customers a format of outdoor activities in the warm season. It can be a universal station, a field-equipped circular training zone.
  • Modular stations, training in groups. An alternative to personal training is the format of team work under the guidance of a mentor, who not only follows the technique but creates the motivational background and pace of the session and effectively organizes the group. The motivation is growing, the interest is growing, the result is improving.

FIBO is an exhibition that gathers the best of the best in the fitness industry. We are glad that we have the opportunity not only to become a part of this event, as a presenter and a participant but also to share our research and observations with you.

The article was written by:
Author Marina Toropova
(With the support of the InterAtletika Group of Companies)

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