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Outdoor exercise equipment


Jana Dubovaya and Timophey Nagorny do exercises in the morning on the outdoor fitness equipment of the InterAtletika company.

In the Donbass region, there are a lot of exercise complexes manufactured by the InterAtletika company, installed in the open air near schools and in residential areas. These islets of physical culture are simply irreplaceable for supporters of a healthy lifestyle. One early Monday morning on the Kalmius promenade, old friends of Donbass met. Exclusively for our readers, TV host Yana Dubova and businessman Timofey Nagorny showed us their workout routine. While doing the exercises, they were giving short, but very professional explanations. A conclusion is the following: only half an hour of working out will be enough to give you energy and positive mood for the whole day. This way, even the gloomy morning of the hardest day of the week will seem sunny to you.

Good advice from the celebrity duet

  • The purpose of a workout is to get rid of sleepiness, prepare the body for active work and get a charge of energy.
  • Means - physical exercises that improve well-being and mood.
  • Mechanisms of the process - muscles are warmed up, blood circulation is amplified, internal organs are filled with oxygen.
  • The number of repetitions - everything should be fun: in the morning it's better to do less than to overwork.
  • The more effective to work out together - we encourage each other and multiply the positive energy. Performing a workout together with a girl excludes any excuse of laziness and bad health. Moreover, there is an exchange of yin and yang energy.

1. A short run in a comfortable pace instantly drives away any sleepiness.

2. If you do not have time to make the whole complex, find at least two or three minutes for leg swings. This effective exercise is popular in both Western and Eastern cultures (for example, yogis believe that the main stagnation of energy is in the pelvic area). And for women, this is generally the most important exercise that strengthens the muscles of the buttocks and the lower back.

3. We begin with a cheerful exercise at a slow pace. You simultaneously try to bend one hand, another to unbend, but with the resistance of the partner.

4. A similar exercise for warming the shoulder girdle, only changing the vector of the hand movement: instead of forward-back do up and down motion. The smile during the exercise won't hurt.

5. We become a pendulum to awaken the most important energy chakra.

6. We squat together - the extensors of the muscles of the thigh are activated.

7. When the legs are extended, the quadriceps, the extensors of the thigh muscles work.

8. It is very important that before breakfast, the internal organs receive oxygen saturation. To do this, you need to wake up the abdominal press.

9. On the chest exercise machine by InterAtletikan we warm up the shoulder belt and the large pectoralis muscle. This exercise is especially effective for girls so that the mammary gland is supported by the muscles of the breast.

10. Pull-up is a simple-complex exercise for the flexors of the shoulder girdle (biceps) and the widest back muscles. Yana's personal record is 10 pull-ups, and Timofey's - 37.

11. We pull up and down, we include deltoid, trapezius muscles and the entire shoulder girdle. Exercise promotes oxygen saturation of the brain. It warms the entire back skeleton, and your head will work clearly throughout the day.

12. On the parallel bars, the extensors of the shoulder belt (triceps), the muscles of the forearm and the lower chest are well loaded.

13. Finally, we use ski trainer.

If the partner is tired, you can stand behind and help! "When I was visiting Larissa Latynina, Timofey says, - the most titled sportswoman of the planet said:" This is the best exercise machine for all generations, which involves the whole body. If there is a financial opportunity to buy this equipment, at home it will replace a treadmill with a whole complex of exercise machines.

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