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Ми разом і ми переможемо!

Friendship has won in competition for best sport team

The day of physical culture and sport was celebrated in Ukraine on the 11th September. Athletes, healthy lifestyle fans and everybody, who likes active recreation, celebrated this day as sportsmen and women. Indeed, such a holiday couldn’t be missed by the employees of Inter Atletika, being full of life, energy, and passion for sports.

How did the celebrations go?

The event took place on the sports base «SUNRISE» in Chernihiv. It’s the best space for active recreation, where you can spend your time with benefits for your health and body, and, indeed, get lots of positive emotions.

Competitions were held in two energetic sports disciplines: park volleyball and rowing on boats «DRAGONBOAT».

Rowed, rocked, and … finally won?

Three teams rowed on «DRAGONBOATS» with great enthusiasm.

«DRAGONBOATS» are enormous boats,12 meters length. These “dragons” are each fit for 22 people, among them 20 oarsmen, 1 helmsman and 1 drummer, who creates rhythm for rowers. An interesting fact - this entertainment is two thousand years old, and came to us from China.

Surely, rowing requires from each participant a good physical shape, full commitment, but teamwork is the most important. But everybody, even those who held an oar for the first time, has done a good job. The team of “Children play equipment” departments was prepared for the competition better than others - they got first to the finish line.

New volleyball skills discovered

Outdoor volleyball in the fresh air gives an unforgettable impression and emotions. It’s a great body warm-up, which lets you simultaneously concentrate on a process and leave all the work thoughts and concerns behind. More people wanted to play volleyball than to row. 7 teams from “Company Sporttechnika'' and 3 teams from “Inter Atletika'' group of companies took part in volleyball competitions.

It was funny and interesting to test yourself in the game. Someone forgot rules, as they played volleyball in school the last time, others, on the other hand, showed the best skills. Nevertheless,all forgotten was remembered quickly, as well as passion and desire to win helped discover new skills and hidden talents in players!

There were three teams, which climbed up to the very top of the tournament bracket: “Children play complex”, “Company Sporttechnika'' and the combined team of departments of the “Inter Atletika'' group of companies. “Inter Atletika'' has won in a heated struggle.

After competitions all the participants just rested, spending time with pleasant company.

It was an event full of fun and energy!

We express our gratitude to “Sporttechnika Company'' for the event organization. It was active, emotional, crazy and unforgettable!